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Create a bathroom experience with scented Cusheen

Create a bathroom experience with scented Cusheen

The best way to set a person’s mood is to entice their sense of smell. It affects a human’s behaviour towards their emotion, current mood, and happiness. That is why, many home owners are now looking to not just put any old air freshener in their bathroom space but they want to build layers of scent from the actual toilet tissue to every other aspect within the bathroom space.


Study shows that the scent of a bathroom doesn't just make the space smell nice but it creates a good impression and makes the whole experience more enjoyable. That’s the magic of scent; it convinces people in a level that normal décor or look simply don't do.

Why should you go for multi level scent in your bathroom?
Aside from the fact that it creates a lasting impression and it improves the experience for your family and visitors, the power of scenting offers a whole lot more benefits.

It builds the overall impression that  people have when the scent is complementing with the interior and aesthetics of your bathroom. It basically shows quality and sophistication through enhanced greater thought for the users experience.
It also improves the mood of your family and visitors because it’s refreshing smell is conducive for a happy environment.

Choosing your scent
As one of the leading scented toilet tissue companies in the UK, Splesh offers a wide range of choices of scents. You can decide which one suits your mood or the ascetics of your bathroom. You may want a more feminine scent or maybe more masculine.

Build up your bathroom ambience with scents such as: Lavender with it's fresh outdoor scent that always is a favourite; Lemon with it's Fresh Clean with a sweet orange and honeysuckle smell; Spring Fresh that adds a sparkling freshness with lush, watery greens blended with touches of apple; an evoking comfort brought by cool marine scent of dewy green notes for Spring Fresh; and a whole lot more.

Just like when having different scents around your home, choosing your bathroom scent should also correspond with the nature of your home and the image that you want to portray.

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